I have had recurring lower back pain for many years and had never been able to find a treatment that really worked. Physician's Choice Massage not only helped alleviate the immediate pain of the flare-up but also showed me unique exercises that I can do to manage my problem. Their knowledgeable, holistic approach to massage therapy and exercise is tremendously valuable and provides lasting results.
David B. Phoenix, AZ
I am pleased to recommend Physician's Choice Massage. PCM helped me overcome back and hip pain, utilizing therapeutic massage and release points. My pain diminished greatly. Additionally, PCM gave me exercises to strengthen key muscles, so that I would be less likely to experience pain and misalignment. PCM has highly experienced and knowledgeable therapists and I highly recommend them.
Jim L, PhD
After having a bad fall off a mountain bike I suffered from severe, almost daily migraines that affected my vision, speech, short term memory, and fine motor skills for almost 10 years before going to Physician's Choice Massage for therapeutic massage. I had seen neurologists, general practitioners, physical therapists and masseuses, and had been prescribed all kinds of pain medication and muscle relaxants. Because of my strong belief in naturopathic healing methods I resisted any drug-centered remedies that may have provided a quick fix but no long term solution. After having 6 consecutive weekly sessions with PCM, I was virtually pain free. In addition to massage, PCM prescribed specific stretches and exercises that I now do on a regular basis. With the combination of occasional massages and continuing to do the exercises she prescribed for me, I remain almost 100% migraine-free more than one year after our initial session. I just ran my first half marathon and my six year old daughter has a MUCH happier Mommy. Thank you, I only wish I had found you 9 and 1/2 years ago!
Kate F. Phoenix, AZ
I discovered Physician's Choice Massage a year ago through a friend who had been a client for some time. With an active lifestyle, previous shoulder surgeries and occasional low back pain I have been receiving massages on a semi regular basis for several years. But from my first visit to PCM I noticed a huge difference in how I felt. My problems were addressed and treated so thoroughly and effectively that this is now the only massage therapist I will use!
Sheila J. Phoenix, AZ
I have traveled all over the US and visited many therapeutic massage therapists. Physician's Choice Massage is one of the best I have been to! The Therapist knows exactly where to massage and work on my troubled areas. I have sent many friends there with the same fantastic results!!! I am a very satisfied client!
Marie H. Chandler, AZ


I have had the pleasure of going to PCM for almost 10 years and have never had a massage therapist know so much or work so efficiently to ease my aches and pains. I have many so I am blessed to have PCM in my life!
Carol Phoenix, AZ
I have experienced many professional massage therapist treatments through the years and can honestly say that Physician's Choice Massage is far superior to any others. If you're looking for medically trained, experienced and true professionals then Physician's Choice Massage is my recommendation.
Dee R. Chandler, AZ
Physician's Choice Massage has been instrumental in relieving my neck/shoulder, back, hip and leg pain. I have had extensive physical therapy for these problems in the past and realized that once I knew the exercises, the most beneficial part of the tri-weekly sessions was the short massage. Once-a-week at Physician's Choice Massage saved me money (even with insurance supplementing the physical therapy), saved me time and enabled me to experience an hour of rejuvenating massage. I also learned additional stretching exercises to prevent the pain. I highly recommend it.
Physician's Choice Massage has changed my life. When I first found Physician's Choice I had been trying to get some immediate relief from my daily hip/back pain caused by a running injury. I had been to numerous physical therapists, massage therapists, and even tried steroid injections. Nothing was working and I became depressed and hopeless. I had no idea that several visits would turn into long-term relief. The therapist at Physician's Choice used gentle stretching, heat, massage, and exercise education to empower me to overcome my injury.
Brandi M. Phoenix, AZ

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