Neuropathy pain treatable with Medical Massage!

Neuropathy Pain: Surgery doesn’t have to be the answer!
Stressed or inflamed muscles irritate and can crowd the nerve fibers, which affects the extremities, like the hands, feet, arm… (the distal parts of the body). Numbing, tingling, itching, pain and frustration fatigues and compromises the nervous system along with all other systems that include physical abilities.      Neuropathy can be solved with corrective muscle treatment and surgery doesn’t have to be the answer. Pain medications and anti-inflammatory injections do not correct the problem. They sometimes offer temporary relief (false fix) allowing greater damage. Relaxation or therapeutic massage may feel good but doesn’t correct the underlying nerve issues.

It is important to correctly treat the muscles contributing to the associated nerve pain. Sometimes muscles require additional work in order to effectively lengthen the over used muscles and tendons. Medical massage incorporates the precise work necessary to treat this type of aggravating nerve pain.

nerve-painSolution: Our knowledgeable specialists apply any of  the  following: advanced manipulation, scraping, triggering, heat therapy, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, along with  other massage efforts to resolve  neuropathy pain.

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